5 Ways To Renovate For Multi-Generational Living

5 Ways To Renovate For Multi-Generational Living

Whether it’s accommodating for elderly parents or twenty-somethings that are not ready to leave the nest, many Sydneysiders are finding themselves in a position where they need to either find a bigger house or reconfigure their current home to support the new family dynamic. There are many benefits of renovating for multi-generational living including working parents having a source of childcare and ageing parents finding practical support from being in close proximity to their children. Here are Keystone Building’s 5 ways to renovate for multi-generational living.


There are many living demands placed on a modern multi-generational home, requiring mixed-use zones to be created as family members pass through different life stages. The key feature of a flexible space is that they can be easily transformed to function for different purposes. As an example, a living room can become a sunroom, a playroom or a home office given changes in furniture and layout. You can add additional bedrooms upstairs that allow you to separate living and sleeping areas but can also be converted into a rumpus room or study later down the track when you may have less adults living under the one roof.


The ever-popular in-law suite provides a private and versatile solution for multi-generational living. Most people value privacy and so creating a separate bedroom and bathroom where either elderly parents, grandparents or even teenagers can call their own should be a high priority when renovating your home. You could develop this by adding a second storey that is strictly an in-law suite or by creating a self contained studio on the ground floor that is accessible via its own door. Demand for houses with an in-law suite is high, where it is one of the most searched terms on realestate.com. An in-law suite can also add significant value to your home or become a source of potential rental income down the track once relatives leave the nest.


With so many people under one roof, a multi-generational home requires clever storage solutions to reduce visible clutter. While you can try and make the most of current underutilised space and introduce functional furniture that has drawers and shelves, you need to consider how to build-in storage to accommodate for extra people, and the inevitable added material possessions. A loft conversion can be one way to expand your storage options and so is shelving underneath a new staircase that can be introduced when you add a second storey addition.


If you are welcoming relatives to live with you that have small children then chances are you may need some breathing space, whether it is an extra floor or room that is a no-kids zone. To help with the layout of the space, you should ask what you are trying to achieve from the new living area- a place to relax, rejuvenate or have some quiet time? You may also want to determine whether you plan to entertain other adults in the space or whether it will be a private area for just one or two people. Once these basic questions are answered, you are in a much better position to shape the space itself, especially when it comes to furniture, the interior design and layout.


There is no denying the need to expand the layout of your home if you are to make room for more adults and children under your roof. The best way to achieve this without having to move out is by building upwards and adding a second storey. This is especially true if you live in a location that you love. A second storey helps you to retain outdoor space and take advantage of any amazing views your area has to offer. If your home is already close to good schools, shops, medical centres and other amenities, a second storey addition will also dramatically improve the market value of your home should the need to sell arise.

Building a second storey addition can mean a higher standard of living for all concerned, with two or more generations of a family enjoying the lifestyle benefits of this family structure in a larger, more suitable home environment. Contact Keystone Building Services today for a consultation to discuss how to create a multi-generational home for every family member to enjoy.

5 Ways To Renovate For Multi-Generational Living