Carlingford Makeover

Carlingford Makeover

For many young couples in Sydney, buying the home of their dreams seems like an impossibility that requires a long waiting game. Those fortunate enough to break into the market, are usually faced with a house that doesn’t meet their list of dream requirements. For Andrea and her husband, the opportunity to build a second storey addition (aka first floor addition) in their Carlingford home including three new bedrooms seemed too good to refuse. Today the couple can’t believe that their remodeling makeover by Keystone has delivered the results they were looking for with minimum fuss.


It’s a dilemma for many young families. Eager to break into the housing market in Sydney, they buy homes where they have to compromise on space and other desired features like added storage which means sooner or later, they find their home doesn’t exactly meet their needs. Andrea and Jake found themselves in this exact situation when they were expecting their second child and realised that their Carlingford home simply wasn’t going to accommodate the demands of their growing family.

Concerned about getting a builder that would do slopping work, overcharge and leave a mess, Andrea and Jake had heard their fair share of “horror stories” about living though a renovation/ addition and so took their time to research and meet with different builders until they finally decided to engage Keystone Home Additions.


After workshopping Andrea and Jake’s dream home requirements, Keystone went straight to work adding a master bedroom upstairs with a large walk in robe and ensuite. With so much extra space upstairs, there was plenty of room for another 2 bedrooms, including built in robes which provided the extra storage the homeowners were looking for. A lightweight insulated Colorbond roofing was also installed to the whole home to reduce heat radiated during the night, driving down cooling costs over summer.


Unfortunately it’s become all too common to hear about building companies taking shortcuts when it comes to service delivery, including not bothering to clean up the site after a day’s work. As part of Keystone Building’s commitment to clients to be as comfortable as possible during home renovations, it is one of our priorities to keep the premises clean where practical as we know that your home is your pride and joy and should be treated as such.

“They worked every day with minimal disruptions to our lives and before leaving they always made sure the work site was cleaned up. Whether it was outside or at a later stage inside. With every day we could see progress.” Andrea, Carlingford Homeowner


Many families with small children do not want to relocate during a renovation. For Keystone Building clients they don’t need to as our project management approach ensures renovations are done as efficiently as possible, imposing minimal fuss on homeowners.

“Our second floor was finished in what felt no time at all and I literally lived through it every day as I was a stay at home mum with a small baby at the time.” Andrea, Carlingford Homeowner


The residential building industry has seen a boom in recent years, with greater demand by Sydneysiders for renovation services as many are deciding to stay put and upgrade their houses. With a shortage in supply of quality builders, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for homeowners to find reliable builders who employ exceptional subcontractors are skilled, experienced and will get the job done right.

“Ralph and his entire team have an amazing work ethic, are very polite, considerate, helpful and patient and even Keystone’s subcontractors were very reliable and professional. Ralph and his team were always patient and accommodated all our wishes and changes along the way.” Andrea, Carlingford Homeowner


Andrea and Jake are loving their new floor area of 137.5m2 and can’t believe that they put up with only 99.7 m2 for as long as they did. The young couple believe that the long time to research and meeting with different builders paid off and would recommend Keystone to anyone looking for a second story builder that puts the customer first.

“To Ralph and your team a big “thank you”! You’ve exceeded our expectations and made our dream reality. You can be very proud of your work and the team you have. To everyone who is reading this with intention to build a second storey addition, your search should end here. You’ve found the right team for your project. We could not have been happier with the result and the service we received. Thank you once again.” Andrea, Carlingford Homeowner

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Carlingford Makeover