Ensure Your First Floor Addition Meets Your Design Vision and Style

Ensure Your First Floor Addition Meets Your Design Vision and Style

Confused about which type of construction material is best suited to your design vision and style? Here are just three ideas from of some of the options that Keystone Building offers so you don’t need to compromise on your design vision and style.

When it comes to deciding on the exterior look of your first floor addition, Keystone Building partners with experienced designers to create the best plan for your home, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

So the only question at this stage is: How do you want see your first floor addition from the kerb?

“I’m looking for a modern design”

If you are looking for a more modern design and a choice of a wide range of finishes and textures then using the Innova range of plasterboard and fibre cement cladding from our partners BGC is the option for you.

The Innova range promises durable, dynamic, fresh and contemporary facades that will breathe new life into your home. The range includes nine modern options to choose from to make your first floor addition emit an exciting modern sheen. As an alternative to traditional horizontal weatherboard style, you can select from smooth, flat surfaces (Duragrid) or maybe you would prefer vertically grooved panels (Duragroove).

“I’m looking to enhance my original style and design”

Adding a first floor addition that blends seamlessly with your home to enhance your original style and design with a rendered finish can be achieved using power panels provided by our partners, Hebel.

The panels can be used on steel or timber frame homes specifically for extensions or re-cladding purposes. The panels also boast outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation qualities that increase levels of comfort and save on heating and cooling costs.

“I’m looking for sustainability and energy efficiency”

Our partners at Thermawall offer an internationally accepted expanded polystyrene thermal insulation system that has been designed to accept a variety of decorative and architectural finishes. This means that the exterior of your home can both meet your design vision and reduce heating and cooling costs at a superior level.

Another major benefit of using Thermawall panels is achieving excellent thermal properties without increasing the thickness of insulation.

What partnering with Keystone means for you

Keystone partners with only the best in the building and construction industry and we are proud to offer options to ensure your design vision and style is achieved. Contact us today to see how we can deliver a first floor addition that adds value and appeal to your biggest asset.

Ensure Your First Floor Addition Meets Your Design Vision and Style