Ever thought of adding a Parents’ Retreat to your home?

Housing is expensive – so when your family grows what do you do? Do you move or enlarge your home? Living in Sydney makes it even more of a challenge because the closer you get to the CBD the smaller the size of the property.

We have a suggestion – build up rather than sell up.

There is a new trend in home design – it is the parents’ retreat as a first floor addition. The busyness of life means we value sharing space with our loved ones.

If you’re living in a home with children, sometimes it feels like that there is just not enough space for everyone. If you feel like you’re always living on top of each other, the solution could be to build a parents retreat, where you can go to unwind and relax in privacy.

So “the parents’ retreat” is a space where a couple share their own space, unwind, get ready for the day ahead, sleep and also bathe.

The ideal option for a Parents’ Retreat is to make it part of a first floor addition where you could perhaps also add a living room and maybe even a balcony. Check out a plan here

If that sounds good to you, here’s what you need to know to get you started!

3 Steps to having your own Parents’ Retreat.

  1. Contact
    • Once you have contacted Keystone Home Additions, we will discuss your needs, plans, ideas and designs and also help you understand how your desired outcome compares with your budget. At this stage we may be able to provide you with a general price guide. To further assist you, we can send you a Quotation example of one of our past projects.
  2. Formal Fixed Price Quote and Plan
    • Now that you’ve decided that we’re the right builder for your needs, we meet with you to gather measurements and requirements. This way we can work on tailoring the plans according to what is important to you and your family. We will then draw up a formal concept plan and provide you with a scope of works and formal proposal including pricing, specification of building work and any requested allowances or options.
  3. Approvals
    • Once you’ve approved and signed the preliminary plans (in step 2), detailed plans and engineer’s certification are prepared for the new work on your existing home. You review and approve the final detailed plans and documentation which will need to be submitted to council and various other authorities. Once approvals are received from local authorities, a construction contract will be prepared with a detailed payment schedule and specification of building works.

We can now begin construction of your Parents’ Retreat.

For more information or to get things moving, get in touch with a Keystone Home Additions professional.

Ever thought of adding a Parents’ Retreat to your home?

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