Going Luxe- Introducing A Master Suite

Going Luxe- Introducing A Master Suite

Are you looking to introduce a master suite as part of your second storey renovation? The main bedroom can often be the only space in our family homes that feels like ‘our own’. Whether it’s purpose is for a parent’s retreat or a bedroom with all the trimmings, creating a master suite can give us the space to escape from chaotic family life and the chance to relax and unwind. There are a few additional spaces enjoyed more after a major home remodel than a master suite. Here are some considerations to take into account when workshopping your dream space.


Finding the ideal space for your master suite is probably the biggest challenge homeowners face when designing the area. If you add a second storey then you have the choice of introducing a master suite on either the ground or second floor. You need consider the relationship you want your master suite to have with the outdoors and to the rest of the house. If the idea is creating a quiet sanctuary, then keeping the master suite away from noisy living areas like the kitchen, living room and children’s bedrooms is essential.

Knowing up front your functional requirements for a master suite is also key consideration when determining where to position the room. Design elements like a walk-in closet, ensuite and a sitting area can all take up a lot of space so you need to prioritise which amenities you are willing to include and the sizing of each. To open up the master suite, it is popular to add a private courtyard or veranda which is a charming and practical way of introducing greenery into your space.


Getting a floor layout right for your lifestyle and needs will go a long way in ensuring you achieve a master suite that ticks all the right boxes like privacy and efficiency of space.

While many homeowners want to enjoy beautiful views through large windows, this needs to be balanced against the need for privacy and noise abatement. To achieve both, homeowners should place windows at least 1.5 metres above the floor level as well as using soundproofing insulation to reduce outside noise.

You can still create a luxury suite if you are designing a small space although it’s best not to cram in too many elements. Frosted glass partitions are popular for smaller suite spaces that serve to enclose the ensuite from the bedroom while still allowing light to fill the whole space. Also choosing to use zoning techniques such as incorporating a feature wall, grouping furniture or using colour ensures the master suite is not unstructured and also makes a smaller area appear deceivingly larger.


For most, a master suite is not complete without the introduction of private ensuite. One of the main design challenges when creating an accompanying ensuite to a master bedroom is ensuring that there is a seamless look connecting both rooms. While you want consistency with the master bedroom, you want to avoid the area looking too “matchy-matchy” with the bathroom. There are subtle ways you can complement both rooms, such as using an accent colour in the linen in your master bedroom and selecting a similar hue to feature in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can choose materials that feature in the bedroom furniture and fixtures in the bathroom like timber, brass or marble.


The best way to create an upmarket feel to your master suite is to choose the right fittings and fixtures. To obtain ambience in the space why not consider the addition of soft lighting through dimmable down lights or even introduce a ceiling feature that can help direct soft lighting around the focal point of the room- the bed. Custom made shelving to show off books and heirlooms as well as incorporating beautifully designed windows can all serve to create a space uniquely your own.

An easy way to create a luxurious spa bathroom, is to include lots of lighting and wall to wall mirrors so you really maximise the size of the space. When it comes to countertops, choosing an easy to clean surface like quartz or marble are choices that are both visually stunning and easy to clean. If maximum relaxation is what you are after then don’t overlook including a free standing bathtub for the added chic hotel feel.

While some homeowners like the minimalistic look in their master suite, others are looking to maintain character in a home, using additions like wood panelling as a decorative trim. Frame and panel construction comes in a range of designs, in which square or rectangular sections are raised or recessed along the wall panel. Not only can you create a classic master suite, interior panelling also protects walls from damage allowing you to enjoy your new master suite hassle free for years to come.


Every homeowner has a different set of aesthetic tastes and lifestyle requirements which is why it’s important to engage with an experienced builder of master suites who understands how to incorporate your list of preferences into your new floor plan. Engaging with an experienced builder can help you flesh out your which amenities should be included as well as discuss with you some of the architectural challenges so that the final design is practical, cost-effective and reflects your personality.

If you’re considering including a master suite as part of a second storey addition (aka first floor addition), Keystone would love to catch up and discuss with you some common floor layouts and how you can incorporate your dream space into your plans.

Going Luxe- Introducing A Master Suite