Need to Extend Your Home? Think Vertical!

Expanding your home and gaining some much-needed extra room can be an exciting prospect, but you might be wondering how you are going to get the space you need within your budget, and how you are going to manage the disruption. Building a first floor addition has many benefits, including maximising the space on your block, and with a bit of planning, you can even stay in your home while the work is being done.

Why renovate?

If you have a growing family, or just not enough space to accommodate your lifestyle, an extension is a great solution and means you don’t have to leave the house and neighbourhood that you love. With a first floor addition, you can have extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or living space. By extending up rather than out, you gain the extra space without having to expand your home’s original footprint, and the addition can be designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing building. Adding a first floor addition can also add to the overall value of your home.

How to build vertically

Expanding your home vertically can usually be achieved in one of two ways. One is to demolish the roof completely and build a new level from scratch. The second is to only remove the roof where the foot print of the new level. A second level can be added to your home with any type of existing roof structure.

Building up can save money

Usually one of the most expensive elements in home renovations is the foundation work. When you add a second level, this cost is eliminated because you’re building on your existing foundation.

Framing up and weather proofing an additional level to your existing home can often be completed in a shorter space of time compared to a ground level extension. Less building time means less labour costs.

Less disruption

Building up can often be done with less disruption, and without the need for you to move out while the work is being completed. We can work with you to manage the build, so you can stay put until everything goes back to normal.

Preserve outdoor space

If your house is experiencing growing pains, it doesn’t mean you have to lose outdoor space and compromise your outdoor living to gain some extra indoor space.

It makes more sense to build up and preserve as much of your yard as possible, this also allows your sense of separation from your neighbours to remain the same. Building a first floor addition also means that you don’t have to re-landscape, or lose a feature or gardens that you love.

Finally, any home overhaul or addition requires professionals to work through often complex building design laws to create a finished product that looks great, accommodates your needs and is within your budget. Contact us at Keystone Home Additions about all your building extension requirements. We offer an extended warranty and guaranteed build time, and we can work with you to ensure your first floor addition enhances your existing home and is built with as little disruption to your day-to-day lives as possible.

Need to Extend Your Home? Think Vertical!

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