Why Use Us?

A second storey adds an entirely new dimension to your home, opening up a world of opportunity to accommodate for your lifestyle. Here are 7 reasons why people choose Keystone to complete their second storey addition.

Reason #1 Build Time Guaranteed

We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction and this includes a guarantee to reach practical completion of your build by the date specified on the contract. The way it works is your contract is written to include a fixed build time with penalties if the work is not finished by the specified date. Our disciplined project management approach ensures no cutting corners and no excuses! You'll never have to worry when your project is going to be finished or put up with endless delays.


Reason #2 Stay home while we build

If you're adding a second storey and the ground floor is remaining intact, there's usually no need to disrupt your family. Unlike some building companies, Keystone works around our clients and allows for most to stay in their home during a second storey addition (aka first floor additions). Keystone staff are aware it's your home they're working in and are always discreet and respectful of your privacy. The best part is you don't have to pay expensive moving costs, or storage or rent, because you don't have to move out in the first place!


Reason #3 You won’t even notice we’re there

During the construction phase, Keystone reduces the stress and disruption on you by keeping noise and mess to a minimum and cleaning up at the end of every working day. We keep the site secure so the area you and your family inhabit will be safe and protected. Carefully installed tarpaulins ensure there's no chance of leakage during harsh weather.


Reason #4 Our customers come first

During the planning and consultation process you are always the priority. Keystone collaborates with you to create a home addition to fit your lifestyle requirements. The design will fully reflect the needs of your family now and in the future, using conceptual 3D designs that bring your planned first floor addition to life. We take you on every step of the journey, so all your communication requests are attended to. It's your home and your dream... We're just there to help you achieve it


Reason #5 No hidden costs or surprise extra charges

Your contract includes a detailed set of specifications and firm costings so it's easy to understand what's included. It also sets out what tasks Keystone are performing so you will never feel as though you're not in the loop or being charged incorrectly. Clear specs alleviate confusion allowing you to relax and enjoy your new home addition, with no surprise price deviations from what has been agreed to.


Reason #6 The Keystone promise

Because home additions can be such a personal and expensive process, it calls for workers with both sensitivity and integrity. Keystone is a family business that prides itself on delivering our clients a Second Storey Addition (aka first floor additions) journey that is seamless and gives you peace of mind. We have been helping customers extend their homes since 1997 and we continue to apply the same expertise, strong family values and superior workmanship to every job.


Reason #7 Street Appeal Is a Priority

You can choose to either match and blend the design and style to suit the architecture of the existing dwelling or update and modernize the appearance of the house for added street appeal. You’ll be guaranteed a higher return on investment with a well designed second storey addition (aka first floor additions) that will attract more buyers when the time comes to sell.


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