Our Process

Refined over 20 years, the Keystone process is focused on you and building an upper level extension that brings light and space into your home.

Here’s what you should expect when you work with Keystone Home Additions, from first contact to practical completion. Our process enables your project to move forward smoothly, keeping surprises and delays to a minimum.

  • Obligation Free Introductory Session
    • This session is to get to know you, gathering information on your needs and expectations and providing you with a price guide for your project. It’s also the perfect time to make sure we’re the right builder for your second storey addition (aka first floor additions).
    • By talking about your existing plans, ideas and designs, we can help you understand how your desired outcome compares to your budget and expectations.
  • Comprehensive Design Consultation
    • Our Building consultant will meet with you in person to discuss your exciting new project. We’ll address every aspect of your proposed build and will help you to visualise your upgraded home through the delivery of detailed plans for your review.
    • You should also continue to assess Keystone as we work together to achieve a plan and price you’re completely comfortable with.
  • Formal Concept Design and Proposal
    • The design phase begins as the information gathered during the consultation is used to draw a formal concept plan. The design process combines architectural expertise with both builder’s cost estimates and the engineer’s advice, so the concepts produced will consider your lifestyle, sustainability and your wallet.
    • Once a concept plan is complete, Keystone will provide you with a scope of works and a formal proposal including pricing, specification of building work and any requested allowances or options. You will need to review and approve these documents before moving on to Step 4.
  • Plans and Approvals
    • Once you’ve approved the preliminary plans, detailed plans and the engineer’s certification will need to be prepared and reviewed before they are submitted to your local council and any other authorities (e.g. Water Board).
    • To expedite this process Keystone will request your approval for the following to take place via a preliminary agreement based on the detailed plans:
      • Arrange a site inspection and detailed plan measure of the existing dwelling.
      • Arrange for the preparation of engineering details and design for proposed works.
      • Prepare and submit a Development Application to the local council.
      • Arrange for a Construction Certificate from a Certifying authority.
      • Obtain Water Board Approvals.
      • A construction contract will be prepared with a detailed payment schedule and specification of building works.This document needs to be carefully reviewed and signed off as it constitutes the formal building contract detailing the rights and obligations of all parties
  • Preparing to Extend
    • After a building contract has been signed and before construction begins, we meet with you on site to explain the project plan in detail and assess the site for safety concerns, so we can minimise any inconvenience or risk to you in the construction phase.
    • Other subjects we’ll cover:
      • How you should prepare for your home extension
        • Keeping you, your kids and pets safe
        • How your house will be kept secure
      • Practicalities of building
        • Where materials will be delivered and stored
        • How rubbish is dealt with
        • Keeping site-workers safe
        • What signs need to be displayed
      • What factors might cause the project to be delayed
  • Construction Phase Home Extensions and RenovationsThis is when the real work begins – it’s time to turn your dream home into a reality!

    Extending your home will never be a ‘walk in the park’. Making alterations and extending will be a major disruption in your family’s lives. But the final result will amaze you and the reality of living in your new remodelled home will make all the hard work worthwhile..

    To make the experience easier, the Keystone team make it our priority to have a flexible and accommodating approach to your needs, so you know we’re on your side. After all, it’s your home!

    Here’s how we do it:

    • Regular communication: You’ll never wonder what’s going on with your second storey addition (aka first floor additions), because you’ll be constantly updated and referred to for decisions.
    • Superior skills: Every trade working on your home is fully qualified, licenced or supervised and their workmanship is of the highest standard, meaning you’re receiving a top-quality renovation.
    • 24-hour availability: you’ll be given an all hours contact so you can always talk to an expert if you have any concerns.

    When the construction process nears completion the project manager will have a walk-through inspection of the nearly completed works with you. Together you’ll build a ‘to do’ list of outstanding jobs to be finished before you consider the works complete. On completion of the ‘to do’ list the job will be handed over.